Product Availability Update – COVID-19

3rd April, 2020

Dear Valued Dealer,

Impact Fertilisers is committed to ensuring the delivery of our essential products and services to
dealers and farmers during this difficult COVID-19 situation. We understand the urgency of maintaining
the supply chain to farmers during this busy period and we commit to ensuring our customers are best
placed to have a productive and profitable year.

We would like to advise that currently all our ships are loaded and sailing or are about to commence
loading. We expect minimal delays at the load ports, however for many Australian ports, it will be a
busy time for inbound fertiliser cargos over the next 6 weeks and we are working hard with the industry
and our service partners to minimise interruptions or delays of inbound cargo.

In response to the impact of COVID-19, we are using the guidance from the Australian Government
Department of Health and the World Health Organisation and we have implemented and are vigilantly
adhering to new operational procedures at all our plant locations. Wherever possible our staff work
remotely, we have implemented social distancing at our offices and operational sites and we have
circulated and communicated the latest government guidelines on mitigation to all employees. We have
put in place hygiene standards for truck collections and have advised only essential visitors are allowed
at operational sites.

We will continue to follow government direction to enable safe supply and distribution of our fertilisers.
This is an important time of year for all our customers and we appreciate your understanding and
support for these extra precautions during this time.

As always, we’re here to help. If you have any questions, please contact your local area sales manager
or our customer service team.



Robert Ford
General Manager, Commercial