Agromaster is Impact Fertilisers’ new generation controlled release fertiliser product, offering improved efficiencies. Nitrogen is released gradually, throughout the growth stages of your crop. There are two versions of Agromaster, both with a three month release period. The Tropical version is tailored to suit Northern Queensland growing conditions.
Agromaster Sugar Cane BrochureAgromaster Potato BrochureAgromaster Horticulture Brochure
  • Potential increased or equal yield at lower rates due to improved efficiency.

  • Seed safe, which means significantly higher rates of N can be in contact with seed.

  • Saving in labour costs because fewer applications required.

  • Fully blendable with all conventional fertilisers.

  • Reduced environmental impact.

Typical Analysis
Products Release Period N% P% K%
Agromaster 3 months 45
Agromaster Tropical 3 months 44
  • Chemical name

    Polymer coated Urea

  • Crop Segments


  • Features

    Controlled release fertiliser providing more efficient nutrient use.

  • Quality & Handling

    Granules are white with a size specification of ≥ 90% at 2.0 mm – 4.75 mm.

  • Blending

    Ideal for blending due to its hard coating and granule size. Fully blendable with all conventional fertilisers.

Agromaster uses a new and advanced polymer coating to dictate the release of N into the soil. This product provides nitrogen over a set time that is defined and predictable, giving a grower peace of mind knowing that their crops will have access to nitrogen at critical growth stages.

Agromaster is designed to minimise nutrient release for the first 30 days after application in order to increase the efficiency of nitrogen supply. This curb of nitrogen supply within the first month guarantees greater nutrient efficiency by allowing growers to provide initial plant requirements of nitrogen through an alternative, cheaper source (urea) and banking the added controlled release source of nitrogen to be utilised later on when the crop requires it.


Agromaster’s coating technology is designed with a nitrogen core surrounded by a polymer coating that controls the release of nutrients to the soil.


Agromaster can be used effectively for all crops. Because the product can be blended, a portion of the current N can be converted to Agromaster.

Storage & Handling
  • Can be stored for extended periods of time due to the coating hence fewer hygroscopic issues. The product is high quality with low dust. It is extremely free flowing through equipment and has less risk of caking.
  • Do not store in bulk piles on wet floors as moisture triggers release mechanism.

Agromaster® is a trademark of ICL Specialty Fertilizers