Impact Fertilisers offers the service of applying Flutriafol to winter cereals and canola fertilisers where requested by dealers. We currently offer Flufol® from most Impact Fertilisers plants or Intake® Combi Sapphire from our Geelong plant.  We will expand the offer of Intake Combi Sapphire to other Impact Fertilisers plants as we are able to. These products can be applied to most starter and nitrogen products including blends. Impact Fertilisers does not make recommendations as to what rate Flutriafol is applied to fertiliser. Rates are requested by dealers in Litres Flufol or Litres Intake per tonne of fertiliser. Where Flutriafol treated fertiliser is stored and handled numerous times, the Flutriafol treatment is likely to rub off over time. Please consult with your dealer and the product labels for further information on disease control options using Flutriafol treated fertiliser. Flufol® Flufol is a 500 grams per litre formulation of Flutriafol manufactured by Farmalinx Pty Ltd. Intake® Combi Sapphire Intake is a 500 grams per litre formulation of Flutriafol manufactured by Crop Care Australasia Pty Ltd. Please view The Crop Care Guide to Intake for further product detail and information on foliar and root disease. Intake is a registered trademark of Nufarm


UNIFORM has been developed collaboratively by Syngenta and GRDC as part of a project to control Rhizoctonia in wheat and barley. In trials over three years in Rhizoctonia affected paddocks (total of 12 sites) where 300mL/ha UNIFORM was applied in furrow, an average yield advantage of 210kg/ha in barley and 150kg/ha in wheat was achieved in comparison with untreated paddocks. UNIFORM also controls Pythium root rot, stripe rust and suppresses yellow leaf spot. Impact Fertilisers can apply UNIFORM to most fertiliser products. However we do not make recommendations as to what rate of UNIFORM should be applied to fertiliser. Please consult your dealer or SYNGENTA (1800 067108) for disease control options using UNIFORM treated fertiliser.