Our horticulture fertiliser range offers a choice of high-quality reliable fertilisers containing the ideal balance of nutrients for improving your yield potential.

Crop Pro

08-09-27-01 Crop Pro 458.39.327.00.70.2
09-07-25-04 Crop Pro 45 (S)
14-15-13-01 Crop Pro 5613.515.
13-14-12-06 Crop Pro 56 (S)12.614.
11-13-19-01 Crop Pro 6711.312.718.50.90.3
13-11-15-05 Crop Pro 67 (S)13.010.715.04.90.2
13-02-13-19 Crop Pro 78 (S)
14-04-13-13 Crop Pro 8914.54.313.012.90.1

Tunza Spuds

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Tunza Spuds 047.63.710.013.78.1
Tunza Spuds 107.810.
Tunza Spuds 118.110.610.07.64.4
Tunza Spuds 11 Mg2%
Tunza Spuds 13 SOP
Tunza Spuds Zn0.13 B.0910.112.718.
Tunza Spuds Zn0.49.914.414.

Banana K

Banana K 56020.228.0
Banana K 66015.633.0


  • Agromaster is a controlled release fertiliser product, offering improved efficiencies. 
  • Nitrogen is released gradually, throughout the growth stages of your crop.
  • There are two versions of Agromaster, both with a three month release period. The tropical version is tailored to suit Northern Queensland growing conditions.

ProductsRelease PeriodN%P%K%
Agromaster3 months45--
Agromaster Tropical3 months44--