Sugar Cane

Sugar cane has very high nutrient requirements to produce commercial crops. The majority of cane growing soils are poor, and this combined with the high nutrient removal rates of the crop, mean that a full suite of nutrients must be applied every year to ensure high productivity. Our sugar cane planting and ratooning range offers a choice of high-quality reliable fertilisers.

Tunza Sugar

  • Tunza sugar ratooning range has been specially formulated to provide the right levels of nutrients for your crop needs.
Tunza Sugar 141 S23.
Tunza Sugar 151 S24.82.915.33.10.1
Tunza Sugar 161 S25.92.315.32.80.1
Tunza Sugar 301 (S)
Tunza Sugar 136 S29.613.63.6
Tunza Sugar K (S)
Tunza Sugar K129.717.8
Tunza Sugar Lower Burdekin35.27.53.6
Tunza Sugar Mareeba25.34.712.43.00.1
Tunza Sugar Mt Ossa26.
Tunza Sugar Malanda33.110.53.0

Crop Pro

• Our Crop Pro range gives your sugar cane crop the right balance of nutrients at planting.
• Depending on your crop nutrient requirements, our Crop Pro range will give you everything you need.

Crop Pro 458.39.327.00.70.2
Crop Pro 67 S13.010.715.04.90.2
Crop Pro 56 S12.614.
Crop Pro 8914.54.313.012.90.1
Crop Pro 5613.515.


  • ReefChoice blends can be amended in analysis allowing you to find a suitable NPKS blend solution easily and quickly 
  • Contains elemental sulphur which has a sustained release and is less susceptible to leaching 

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ReefChoice 34525.91.817.33.6    
ReefChoice 24026.2 19.73.3    
ReefChoice 34824.81.719.81.7    
ReefChoice 21932.0 12.55.0    
ReefChoice 10023.0 25.0     


  • Potential increased or equal yield at lower rates due to improved efficiency.
  • Seed safe, which means significantly higher rates of N can be in contact with seed.
  • Saving in labour costs because fewer applications required.
  • Fully blendable with all conventional fertilisers.
  • Reduces environmental impact

Agromaster uses a new and advanced polymer coating to dictate the release of N into the soil. This product provides nitrogen over a set time that is defined and predictable, giving a grower peace of mind knowing that their crops will have access to nitrogen at critical growth stages.

Agromaster Tropical is only available Townsville and Mackay. Suited only for tropical conditions.

ProductsRelease PeriodNPKSCaMgCuZn
Agromaster3 months45.00000000
Agromaster Tropical3 months44.00000000