Winter Cropping

Our winter cropping fertiliser range has a variety of fertilisers that ensures critical nutrients such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur and trace elements are supplied throughout any crops life-cycle.

Impact Fertilisers is dedicated to supplying grain growers with quality fertilisers and plant nutrition support every season.



  • A high performance, premium cropping fertiliser for use on winter and summer crops.
  • The product is created by adding zinc to MAP during the granulation process with zinc delivered in every granule.
  • Improves plant uptake of zinc by the even distribution of zinc at the root zone.

Tunza Crop

  • Good nitrogen maintenance is essential for reaching target yields and protein.
  • Phosphorus is essential at planting time for stimulating early root formation and growth
  • Sulphur is critical for nitrogen fixation and chlorophyll formation
Tunza Crop 1514.612.111.60.9
Tunza Crop 1818.416.26.00.3
Tunza Crop 1918.813.19.40.3

Tunza N

  • Balanced application of nutrients
  • Higher nitrogen content essential for early vigorous crops
  • Relative phosphorus content to ensure crop requirements are maintained
Tunza N 22 (MAP)21.914.71.01.1
Tunza N 24 (DAP)23.616.21.20.3
Tunza N 27 (MAP)
Tunza N 28 (DAP)27.813.11.00.3
Tunza N 32 (DAP)

Canola Gold

  • Canola has a high nitrogen requirement.
  • Sulphur is closely related to nitrogen in the production of protein within the plant.
Canola Gold 301529.915.0
Canola Gold 331233.112.0
Canola Gold 361035.79.6
Canola Gold 370837.57.9
Canola Gold 400540.35.3
Canola Gold 400639.66.0
Canola Gold 410540.84.8

Pulse Star

PulseStar SSP Zn0.5%5.015.316.59.50.5
PulseStar N12 Zn0.8%