Impact Fertilisers’ Tunza-Crop SuperS range is an ideal starter fertiliser for use on most crops, including cereals, oilseeds and pastures. This range contains both elemental sulphur and sulphate for longer sulphur availability in the soil to better match crop uptake.

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Tunza-Crop SuperS contains both MAP and Super-S.

Super-S offers unique technology with micronized sulphur that can meet the crops immediate and long-term sulphur needs.

This blend range contains both sulphate sulphur, allowing immediate plant uptake, and elemental sulphur available later in the growing season after oxidation.

Tunza Crop SuperS
Typical Analysis (w/w%)N%P%K%S%
Tunza Crop SuperS 1210.118.90011.8
Tunza Crop SuperS 1111.117.60011.1
Why is Sulphur Important?

Sulfur is essential for the formation of amino acids, which play a vital role in protein production. Not only is sulfur crucial for chlorophyll formation in leaves, but it is also an essential component of the synthesis of vitamins and enzymes for oil and protein in canola (Price, 2006).

How does including Super-S in a blend boost Sulphur Uptake?

Super S, 11-0-0-75, uses proprietary Shell Thiogro technology to produce a unique fertiliser in which micronised elemental sulphur is evenly dispersed through a urea matrix in each granule. This unique technology offers micronised sulphur that is
able to meet the crops immediate and long-term needs, whilst also providing a plant available source of nitrogen.