Australian Made Rock Phosphate

The first ever Australian-produced high-grade rock phosphate has been domestically shipped by mine operator Centrex. This rock phosphate was mined at Ardmore in Northwest Queensland and domestically shipped to Impact Fertilisers Single Superphosphate (SSP) Manufacturing Plant in Risdon, Tasmania. This is an exciting new Australian phosphate supply source that may alleviate risks associated with long supply chains whilst also increasing sustainability through carbon offset.

Australia has previously imported 100 percent of its phosphate supply from international suppliers. With the pandemic and the recent war in Ukraine disrupting imports, restricting supply, and putting pressure on pricing, Australian production may increase the supply of phosphate to the global market as well as potentially improve Australia’s food security and prices for end users.

Impact Fertilisers are excited to be at the forefront of the domestic import of rock phosphate to produce their locally manufactured SSP. Impact Fertilisers are committed to manufacturing in Australia to ensure quality and environmentally friendly product is produced to market specifications under our strict quality control measures in Australia.

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