Nutrient Management in Dairy Pastures

Why is nutrient management important for dairy farmers? 

Nutrient deficiency is one of the most common reasons for underperforming pastures. Pasture growth and its nutritional value depends on the availability of nutrients in the soil, therefore ensuring your pasture has adequate access to soil nutrients could boost your pasture growth and quality. (MLA, 2019)

Regular nutrient management and fertilisers could maximise your pasture potential by closing the feed gap and optimising your returns.

How can nutrient management help maintain high-producing dairy farms?

In Australia, dairy farm production has increased over the last few decades. Increased production means increased nutrient removal from the farm, if left unmanaged this could result in pasture decline and poor soil fertility. Therefore, fertiliser rates may need to be adjusted and balanced to meet crop nutritional requirements and maintain soil health.

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