Impact Fertilisers are proud members of
Fertilizer Australia promoting Fertcare
across their business 


Impact Fertilisers are proud members of Fertilizer Australia working to promote consistent, coordinated action for the management of food safety and environmental risks while supporting sustainable agricultural production.

Fertilizer Australia is an industry association that represents manufacturers, importers and distributors of fertiliser in Australia, and associated service industries. Their members supply over 95% of the fertilisers used in Australia. Fertilizer Australia has established a national training and accreditation program Fertcare®, designed to encourage improved agricultural productivity and profitability through the efficient use of fertiliser and soil amendments.

At Impact Fertilisers, we believe that management of environmental risks whilst supporting the efficient use of fertilisers is pivotal to a thriving agricultural industry and strive to remain informed in the way that we approach fertiliser use. Impact Fertilisers takes part in Fertcare® training across all our 18 sites to train staff on how to meet their responsibilities and risks within the industry addressing environmental, food safety and OH&S issues associated with transport storage and spreading of fertiliser.  

Impact Fertilisers Agronomy Services Manager, Zhensong Zhu says “We believe that undertaking Fertcare® across all of our sites greatly benefits both the Australian fertiliser industry and our customers through supporting sustainable agricultural production and profitability. Our team takes part in the Fertcare® training to develop a well-rounded understanding of effective management of nutrient issues that are of interest to our customers, the environment, as well as the community.”

“We work to ensure that our staff are providing customers with the best advice regarding fertiliser transport and use based on soil and plant analysis whilst focusing on environmental and food safety risks associated with the end-use of fertiliser. Adopting sustainable practices in the way we approach nutrient supplementation through education, will ensure a sustainable future in Australian Farming.”

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