Impact Fertilisers is Proudly Supporting Australian Industry and Jobs through Owning and Operating their SSP Production Plant in Hobart, Tasmania.  

Impact Fertilisers’ Australian made Single Superphosphate (SSP) has been manufactured in Tasmania, Australia since 1924. Impact Fertilisers is committed to manufacturing in Australia, to ensure a quality and environmentally friendly product is produced to market specifications under our own quality control measures in Australia. Impact’s local production also supports many local families and the local Tasmanian & Australian economy.

Located in Risdon (North Hobart), Tasmania, Impact Fertilisers manufacturing plant produces Single Superphosphate (SSP) by treating naturally occurring rock phosphate with sulphuric acid. This process converts the insoluble phosphate in the rock, which is largely unavailable to plants, into nutrients that are water soluble and readily available to plants. The reacted material is fed into a granulation drum and across a screening process to produce granulated Single Superphosphate.

Manufacturing Operations Manager, Andy Coward, says “Manufacturing our SSP in Australia allows us to ensure the quality of the product as well as meet tight manufacturing standards and specifications. Operating out of Tasmania means we are close to the market, allowing for agility of supply in meeting different markets' seasonal demands.  We proudly support local industries in Tasmania and support a workforce that are proud to work in Australian Manufacturing.”

Impact Fertilisers has large distribution depots across the Eastern Australian Agricultural Regions including Tasmania and SA with SSP and associated blends of SSP. Supply of SSP is readily available as both a straight product or a combination of blends to deliver a holistic approach to meeting specific crop and pasture nutrient requirements. Speak with your local agronomist on a combination that best suits your region or climate.